Aquaculture RISE scientific school edizione 2018

Organizzato dalla

Fondazione IMC Onlus – International Marine Center,

Oristano (Italia)

 24-29 Settembre 2018, Italia

The Reproduction and Rearing of species of commercial interest in Aquaculture RISE Scientific school, organized by the IMC Foundation and funded by Sardegna Ricerche, is divided into lectures and laboratory activities. The course is open to researchers at any stage of their scientific career and professionals from the aquaculture sector, interested in the reproduction and rearing of marine aquaculture species.

The educational objective of the school is to provide scientific and technical competencies on the state-of-the-art and future trends in the reproduction and early rearing of species of commercial interest in Mediterranean aquaculture. Participants will receive instruction related to the management of broodstocks, spawning induction, larval rearing techniques and assessment on the quality of the produced eggs, larvae and juveniles. Participants will also learn about animal wellbeing, auxiliary cultures (microalgae and live prey) and nutritional requirements of the species of interest.

The Summer School will provide the students with a well-balanced course of lectures, laboratory hands-on activities and a workshop on New Species for Aquaculture. Participants will have the opportunity to use the facilities of the IMC Foundation – International Marine Centre for working with finfish, shellfish and various microalgal species produced in photobioreactor systems, and different laboratory techniques used for supporting the research on aquaculture production.

To partecipate in the Scientific School Aquaculture RISE, no registration fees are requested. However, all partecipant must attend the entire event, during the day lectures and informal night activities, being the school residential.



The Scientific School foresees the workshop “New Species: challenges for the future of aquaculture in Sardinia, state-of-the-art and progress in aquaculture research” which will count with the participation of representatives from different governmental agencies, research groups and aquaculture producers from Sardinia.

The aim of the Workshop, which will take place at the facilities of the IMC Foundation of Torregrande (OR) on Wednesday 26 September, starting at 15.45, is to provide a scientific and technical vision on the state of the art and on future trends in reproduction and in the rearing of species of commercial interest in Sardinian aquaculture. On this occasion, will be presented the results of research activities oriented to the sustainability of aquaculture and the future challenges for the productive development of aquaculture in Sardinia. In particular, the theme of new species in aquaculture will be discussed; experts will give rise to a debate in which the Regional Agencies and the Regional Authorities will be involved with the aim of involving the operators on the real potential of research in the sector

The workshop, addressed to sector operators, researchers and interested parties, will have free access.


New species: challenges for the future of aquaculture in Sardinia, state of the art and progress in aquaculture research

15:45. Welcome and introduction to the workshop, the role of the IMC in the research of the Science and Technology Park

16:00 – 16:20 State of the art of aquaculture in Sardinia and development prospects. Dott.ssa Iolanda Viale, Laore Sardinia, Unità Organizzativa Sviluppo Filiere Ittiche

16.20 – 16.40. State of the art of aquaculture in Sardinia: health aspects. Prof. Fulvio Salati, Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Sardegna, Ittiopathology and Aquaculture Service

16.40 – 17.20 Research at the IMC Foundation: new species for aquaculture, new opportunities for Sardinia. Dr. Gianni Brundu (invertebrates), Dr. Dario Vallainc (fish), IMC Foundation – International Marine Center

17:20 – Discussion and conclusions on the topic of new species and potential of research in the aquaculture sector with the participation of international experts from the Scientific School.

At the end of the workshop a refreshment will be offered with craft beers and local products.