Fondazione IMC – Centro Marino Internazionale

The IMC is a research institution whose main objective is to promote scientific research aimed at the proper management of bio-resources and the Mediterranean marine environment.

The IMC role in regional research system aims at bringing scientific and technological solutions in support of sustainable production systems that employ in their processes marine and coastal resources, and at the same time the stimulus of initiatives that can generate wealth and prosperity through the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems. IMC also makes international scouting of technologies and good practices relevant to local production systems for technology transfer.

In this context, IMC develops research focusing on sustainable aquaculture methods and studies on the reproduction of fish and invertebrates aimed at producing and restocking for the increase in productivity of lagoons and coastal areas.


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In collaboration with

University of Foggia

The STAR Research Group operates in the context of University of Foggia (UNIFG), specialized in the valorisation of biomass and residues as raw materials for the production of biomaterials, fine-chemicals and renewable energy. Among biomass, algae (micro and macro) are also included in research topics of STAR Group that boasts wide knowledge in “Algal Biorefinery”. Moreover, special attention is paid to the analysis and application of sustainability criteria to be applied along the entire production chain. The interdisciplinary approach is considered the most appropriate to the needs of a complex research, with wide-ranging connections between technical, environmental and even social aspects.

The specific contribution to the Scientific School is therefore linked to the tuition, dr. Francavilla for the part of algal biorefinery and bioeconomy, including the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of all proposed activities.

Scientific Committee / Organizing Committee

Dr. Gemma Gimenez Papiol

Dr. Stefano Guerzoni

Dr. Matteo Francavilla

Dr. Dario Vallainc


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