Laboratori IMC scientific school

IMC Foundation Onlus – Laboratori Scientific Schools


Aquaculture Hatchery Laboratory

The experimental hatchery is set up for the induction of reproduction in controlled conditions of fish species of conservation or commercial interest, and for the rearing of larvae and juveniles.

Benthic Invertebrates Aquaculture Laboratory

The benthic invertebrates aquaculture laboratory is structured so that it can easily be adapted to the farming of marine species with different biological and ecological characteristics. 

Microalgae Laboratory

Experiments in the IMC labs are aimed at the production of algal biomass for its use in aquaculture and wastewater treatment.

Experimental Aquaculture Laboratory

The experimental aquaculture lab is set up for experiments in different marine species.

Phyto and Zooplancton Laboratory

The Phyto and Zooplancton lab is structured for producing fresh nourishment for larvae and juveniles.