RIMA – Scientific School

About the School:

The Sustainable management of the sea urchin: towards a balance between the need for harvesting and the conservation of ecosystems Scientific school, organized by the IMC Foundation, is divided into lectures and laboratory activities. The RIMA Scientific School wants to achieve a dual objective: on the one hand to provide highly specialized training to students, researchers and technicians involved in the conservation of coastal ecosystems and in the management of the sea urchin resource, while on the other it intends to enhance good practices by promoting at the same time an alternative management of the rich resource on the Sardinian territory.

The school participants will deepen, through lectures and laboratory training, topics related to the biology and ecology of the hedgehog, the cause-effect relationships of the change in the natural abundance of the resource, the restoration of the natural abundance through management and restructuring actions of the ecosystems and finally to simulations of predictive ecological models.

The course program includes lectures, practical laboratory activities and data analysis and will encourage the exchange of experiences between experts and school participants.

The school will provide scientific and technical skills on the state of the art and future prospects for the management of the sea urchin resource, with particular regard to the situation in Sardinia.