Aquaculture and biorefinery summer school 2016 edition

The aquaculture and biorefinery summer school, organized by the IMC Foundation and Porto Conte Ricerche, is divided into lectures and laboratory activities, which will take place over a period of 6 days (3 at the IMC Foundation and 3 at PCR).The course is open to young graduates, from national and international institutes, involved in research and production.

The educational objectives of the school concern detailed scientific issues related to the concepts of the sustainable use of products derived from marine ecosystems. Participants will receive technical and scientific instruction related to the exploitation of marine resources for human consumption and for the production of algal biomass. Participants will also learn about the sustainability and quality of fish products, the nutritional requirements of farmed species, the choice of raw materials for the formulation of feed, the many possible applications of micro and macro algae for the production of feed material, and about high-value compounds for food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical uses.

The Summer School will provide the students with a well-balanced course of lectures, hands-on activities and visits to manufacturing facilities and laboratories. Participants will have the opportunity to use the facilities of the International Marine Centre (IMC) for the production of grey mullets, sea urchins and various microalgal species produced in photobioreactor systems. At the Laboratory of Blue Biotechnology in Porto Conte Ricerche (PCR), students will be trained in the use and maintenance of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) for the growth of sea bream, for the breeding of other fish species and for studying the digestibility of feed. The participants will also have the opportunity to practise different chemical laboratory techniques (classical and instrumental techniques, experimental protocols, etc.) concerning the analysis of macrocomposition and the lipid extraction of polar metabolites.